Training and performances

Build understanding and increase hopeful dialogue

Human Beings are creatures of story. Since gathering by the fires of antiquity, tales have been told to entertain, teach and explain the mysteries of the world. Stories have explored the shadows that lie beneath our own experience. They grow in the telling, coloured each time by the teller, and by those told.

Theatre is a unique, timeless way of bringing stories to people, particularly in the world as it is today. Being in the room with an actor, as a story unfolds before the brings emotional intimacy and intensity, making the story personal. Listening to Voices brings these stories to bear in an inclusive, human way.

This relationship is made particularly poignant when the story being shared is taken from the actual experiences of the storyteller. The truth of the shared experience, the power of the story, come together in an experience that teaches, confronts, entertains and challenges.

We look forward to seeing you around the fire.

Ben Pearson

Performances for community

We partner with local governments and community organisations to deliver in- theatre performances that inspire hopeful and connected communities.

  • Lived experience performance
  • Q&A with performers
  • Optional workshops

Training for professionals

We deliver a range of training sessions to upskill regional workforces. These include powerful performances and interactive workshops which educate, encourage critical reflection and shift perceptions. All sessions are customised to meet your specific needs.

Listening to Voices in Conversation

  • Lived experience performance
  • One hour workshop and Q&A session

Half Day Training

  • Lived experience performance
  • Series of engaging worships and Q&A sessions

Full Day Training

  • Lived experience performances throughout the day
  • Interactive workshops and activities and Q&A sessions with performers

Workshops for students

We deliver a range of workshops to educate and empower tertiary students across all disciplines.

Listening to Voices in Conversation

  • Lived experience performance
  • One hour workshop and Q&A session

Half Day Workshop

  • Lived experience performance
  • Workshops including breakout groups and Q&A sessions with performers
“Takes us to the heart of the experience with interest and empathy.”
“The most profound, moving, authentic and non-simplistic artistic expression of the lived experience of mental health issues I have ever been privileged to witness. Thank you!”
“Honest personal accounts share a message of hope connection and recovery.”
“Powerful and confronting - stimulating very important conversation.”
“Witnessing this work has changed the way I think about many of the experiences of the young people I work with.”
“A chance to reflect on why I came into this work in the first place.”