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Listening to Voices is powerfully-crafted theatre from one of Australia’s leading community development artistic directors, Catherine Simmonds OAM, that encourages audiences to see through a new lens.  It challenges stigma around mental illness and increases general understanding about experiences such as hearing voices. It gets us to connect by asking, not “what’s wrong with you”, but “what has happened to you.”

“This work is relevant in so many spaces to drive other initiatives and conversations; domestic violence and childhood trauma, mental health, suicide, bullying and importantly, stigma and its personal and social impacts”  ~ Kate Fiske, Project Manager, Gateway Health

“Standing up and speaking out isn’t always easy. Sometimes it feels impossible. The weight of expectation and fear can even stop us from being true to ourselves” ~ Ben, performer

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Listening to Voices relies completely on donations and grants to continue their inspiring work.

“Takes us to the heart of the experience with interest and empathy.”
“The most profound, moving, authentic and non-simplistic artistic expression of the lived experience of mental health issues I have ever been privileged to witness. Thank you!”
“Honest personal accounts share a message of hope connection and recovery.”
“Powerful and confronting - stimulating very important conversation.”
“Witnessing this work has changed the way I think about many of the experiences of the young people I work with.”
“A chance to reflect on why I came into this work in the first place.”