What We Do

Creative performance and Peer-led training builds understanding, empathy and connection. Engage the Listening to Voices project to inspire, motivate and educate. Remove stigma and increase hopeful dialogue surrounding mental health.

Full Performance (theatre or conference setting)

  • Thoughtfully crafted performance of personal accounts provides a unique platform for community and group conversations, for reflection and learning.
  • Performances reduce stigma surrounding mental health and encourage connection and hope.
  • Unique delivery bringing insightful and sensitive ways to tackle tough topics such as trauma, emotional distress and suicide whilst the lived experience narrative supports and honours those currently in distress.

Training/ Education and Professional Development

  • Lived experience narratives to drive reflection and learning, reduce stigma as a barrier to practice and increase engagement for the learner.
  • Peer led workshops, training and online resources to develop knowledge, critical reflection and best practice.
  • Workshops and Training consists of adaptable performances/scenarios, engaging activities resources and evaluation.
  • Performance scenes engage and workshops inspire practice.
  • A unique team reflective practice and learning opportunity for service providers and students.
  • Unique stories inspire reflection and bespoke responses through information, workshops and performance.

Lived experience drama workshops

  • Evidence based health intervention for wellbeing and participation as well as an active space for advocacy.
  • Develops the lived experience into a valued social role
  • A creative space to listen and develop diverse, appropriate and compassionate responses to distress and social injustice.